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一心一意 鑽石白鋼 成對戒指 SRW0305 SRW0306

NT$ 4,400.00 NT$ 6,500.00
一心一意 鑽石白鋼 成對戒指 SRW0305 SRW0306 Rating: 0 - 0 votes
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• 愛戀系列
• 送禮推薦
• 鑽石:0.01CT(男戒)
• 材質316L白鋼
• 戒寬(最寬):4.18mm(主鑽位置)
• 戒圍:#12~#18(男戒)(它圍可訂做) 

• 鑽石:0.01CT(女戒)
• 材質:316L白鋼
• 戒寬(最寬):3.08mm(主鑽位置)
• 戒圍:#7~#13 (女戒)(它圍可訂做)
• 戒圍訂做不加價

Product Description
• Love Collection
• Diamond 316L Stainless Steel Ring Casting Jewelry for Men
• Main Diamond: 0.01CT for male
• Material :316L Stainless Steel
• Ring Size: #13~#18 (customized available)(Rings can be customized, no extra charge.)
• Width:4.18 mm(for male)

• Main Diamond: 0.01CT for female
• Material for Female:316L Stainless Steel
• Ring Size:#7~#13(customized available)(Rings can be customized, no extra charge.)
• Width:3.08 mm(for female)
• Product Warranty : a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase.
• Condition :NEW
• Exquisite Gift Box
• Exclusive Handbags

結合材質與價值:將14K 玫瑰金的貴金屬
• 材質穩定性高,可塑造出流行時尚的質感,其特性更能突顯出與眾不同的設計風格。
• 手工鑄造工藝顯得更精緻,製程完全採用高級珠寶等級製作

• 公司原廠出貨
• 每件商品搭配精緻禮盒 ‧ 獨家手提禮袋 

Product characteristics 
‧ High quality : 316L Stainless Steel with Corrosion resistance and not easily deformed.
‧ Craft :Our jewelry is crafted with casting processes and created more fluency and delicate curves.
‧ Creations: Diamond and 14k Rose Gold resist oxidation,more durable and valuable.
‧ This combination of exceptional quality and extraordinary value(Diamond ) has drawn people to choose us.



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